We had a very enjoyable two-week stay at the Gillespie House. Although it was a shared accommodation, we felt very comfortable from the start. By carefully selecting the tenant by the landlord, there were no complications locally and our initial concerns about renting a room in a shared accommodation were unnecessary. The accommodation is very Read more about Sara[…]


I came to San Diego from England for a few months to complete my hours building (towards my Commercial Pilots license) at Gillespie Field. I’m glad I picked this place to stay. It was perfect. I could bicycle from here to the airfield in no time. I could even bike to the local shopping mall Read more about Joel[…]


The house is located on a hill, but close to all. A few minutes’ drive and you have the choice of two major freeways and shopping. A mere 25-minute drive gets you to most major points of interest in San Diego County. It was such a calm, peaceful and quiet home. The only thing I Read more about Ronnie[…]