Missy and Bob

Does everyone staying in a room via these sites have this much fun? When I first saw the listing, I was attracted to the look of the room. It is culturally interesting. The idea of Himalayan atmosphere looked appealing. My husband and I are from Northern Calif. My husband needed to come down to San Diego for business for 2 months and I was going to be staying with him for vacation. I was looking for some place quiet for some relaxation and to work on my own projects (writing, craftwork, etc.) without having to be always by myself. I had no experience with this type of stay; initially, I was unsure of how it would work-the relationship between the hosts and myself. Once I arrived, it worked out great. Everyone here is so friendly and accommodating, especially baby Pema. We all seemed to sync from day one. I really like Pema, she is quite friendly, easy going, and not only was not all a hindrance or disturbance on my quiet time, but I would say it was really nice to see her face in the morning. I got to meet some of the neighbors in the other units, and that was fun. I enjoyed Dakee’s Nepali meals. The whole stay felt welcoming and comfortable and I never felt like I was in the way. It was easy to share the kitchen and living room area. There was no problem with cooking schedules, and I had plenty of room to store my own food for cooking my own meals. When I wanted privacy, I had privacy. I loved having my own space with lots of natural sunlight (which I like). Dakee is very warm and friendly. She makes you feel like a welcomed guest and invites you to join along, whether it be going out to Sushi, shopping, or whatever she is up to. We had a lot of great conversations. The hosts were very accommodating to any need we had. Parking was very accessible. I like that it is so close to shopping, restaurants and adventure stuff, like hiking trails. As far as the neighborhood goes, I felt very secure. Not much noise from outside (traffic, etc.). The only change for me is that I am away from my kids; I feel I just came from one house to another.