I came to San Diego from England for a few months to complete my hours building (towards my Commercial Pilots license) at Gillespie Field. I’m glad I picked this place to stay. It was perfect. I could bicycle from here to the airfield in no time. I could even bike to the local shopping mall and a great gym nearby. The hosts took care of everything from picking me up at the train station (I came from LAX) to a US SIM card for my iPhone, to occasional rides (like when my bike got a flat). The room was clean and quiet. Perfect for studying. While it is a shared house, and I shared a bathroom, I felt like I had a ton of privacy. I hardly saw anyone during my long stay (as everyone is busy and the place is huge). I should mention that when I first got here, there was a problem with the couple in the big room. They were making noise and leaving a mess. The hosts have no tolerance for that kind of thing and they were asked to leave the next day. I guess no screening system is perfect all the time. After that everything was perfect. When I did occasionally bump into my housemates we shared a beer and enjoyed chatting a bit on the patio with the great view. The neighborhood was safe and quiet as well. I was very satisfied. I would recommend this place to anyone who needed to spend a couple of months in San Diego.